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Partner With Us

Changing the world starts right here. 

Investors are at the heart of what GREATER MSP does every day. Through the people and organizations who invest in our work, we’re able to tell our region’s story; retain and attract key talent; and build our key industrial “Sectors of Strength” into stronger and stronger global leaders.

How can we help?

Need more information about our organization or how to invest with us? We’ve got answers whenever you need them.


Referrals always welcome.

If you know of a business or organization that would be a great fit to partner with GREATER MSP, please don’t hesitate to let us know. Send your recommendations directly to Judy Johnson, Director of Investor Relations, or contact us today.


Why Invest with GREATER MSP?

Our private sector Investors enjoy a wide range of benefits and opportunities.


  • Features and highlights in GREATER MSP publications and regional media and outreach initiatives.
  • Acknowledgement in GREATER MSP event programs, Investor Directory and on our website.


  • Attend VIP events, Annual Meeting and Winter and Summer Investor Meetings.
  • Participate in new company receptions, press conferences and groundbreaking ceremonies.
  • Serve on potential task forces to help execute the GREATER MSP mission and regional economic development strategy.
  • Lead, contribute to and attend sector roundtable discussions, business investment events and workshops.


  • Receive all GREATER MSP communications and program updates.


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