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Why Invest

The Greater MSP region is one of the best places in the world to live and work. And, even with the many special strengths of this place – a diverse business community, a workforce that is 2 million strong and growing, remarkable natural resources, and thriving arts and education institutions – we know we can – and must – build a better future for all our residents. That’s what the GREATER MSP Partnership is all about. Coming together across traditional boundaries, we can achieve our regional vision to lead the world in inclusive economic growth, by welcoming all, empowering talent and igniting innovation.


When you opt in to the GREATER MSP Partnership – the only public-private alliance focused on the 15-county Greater MSP region – you will have the opportunity to:

  • Expand and enrich your relationships with a network of diverse, innovative, action-oriented leaders
  • Develop and implement solutions to challenges that affect our region’s economic competitiveness and your business performance
  • Leverage our region’s national and global marketing campaigns
  • Participate in initiatives that optimize your investment in talent recruitment and retention


The GREATER MSP Partnership has a proven track record of job creation, capital investment and results-focused strategic initiatives – all of which is possible because of investors and partners like you who engage and contribute to our region’s vibrancy.


To accelerate our region’s inclusive economic growth, the GREATER MSP Partnership is establishing 2030 ambitions for our region based on data and insights from the past five years of our Regional Indicators Dashboard. Achieving these ambitions is dependent on your continued investment in the future of our region.