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Strategic Initiatives

Strong communities are built on strong economies. To position the Greater MSP region and economy to thrive in the future, the GREATER MSP Partnership is currently focused on six strategic initiatives, each led by a coalition of regional partners working to address specific challenges and deliver measurable results.



 Make It. MSP. brings our region together to better attract and retain talent. Hundreds of partners, including many of the region’s largest employers, work in teams to welcome newcomers, connect professionals of color, grow the tech workforce, and attract recent graduates. 



Forge North is accelerating startup growth and innovation across the region. This coalition of entrepreneurs, investors, corporate innovators and other allies work together to make our region the best place in the world to start ventures, solve problems and scale impact. 



The Regional Air Services Partnership (RASP) is strengthening national and global connections to our region through our renowned international airport. This initiative, with leadership from corporate partners and the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC), supports our region’s competitiveness through enhanced air service. 



ConnextMSP is developing an inclusive talent network. This groundbreaking initiative builds lifelong connections between thousands of young people of color who have completed local college and career readiness programs and employers looking to hire. 



The MBOLD™ coalition is leading the way to the future of food from right here in Minnesota. Driven by the CEOs of some of the world’s largest and most innovative food & agriculture companies, MBOLD™ is accelerating solutions to the world’s most pressing food and agriculture challenges while fueling sustainability, innovation, entrepreneurship and talent attraction and retention.      



The Center Cities Partnership promotes job growth and capital investment in and near the core urban areas of Minneapolis and St. Paul. Private- and public-sector business and civic leaders are working together to create a strategic framework that will attract and retain a qualified labor force, advance economic growth and deliver improved vitality for our region’s residents.