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At the MBOLD™ coalition, we believe that the future of food and agriculture must be one that nourishes a growing global population while protecting and preserving the Earth’s natural resource base for the generations to come. Minnesota’s globally leading cluster of businesses, researchers, and food and agriculture producers has a vital role to play in making that future a reality. We work together to accelerate solutions to the most pressing challenges facing the food and agriculture sectors, particularly our changing climate and other natural resource challenges and the quest to meet the nutritional needs of a population expected to reach 10 billion by the year 2050.


We do this by:

  • Identifying and promoting solutions that address these pressing challenges and foster opportunities for value chain stakeholders
  • Catalyzing innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Attracting and retaining the workforce of the future
  • Telling the story of Minnesota’s food and agriculture leadership

Founding MBOLD™ Members:


JoAnne Berkenkamp
Managing Director, MBOLD™

MBOLD™ is an initiative of GREATER MSP Partnership. The Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul region leads the world in inclusive economic growth by welcoming all, empowering talent and igniting innovation. The GREATER MSP Partnership accelerates regional competitiveness and inclusive economic growth through job creation, capital investment and execution of strategic initiatives.

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