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Cost of Living

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Low cost of living. High quality of life

Consistently named one of the best-value cities in America, Greater MSP offers residents a huge range of communal amenities and reasonable housing. The metro area’s strong work-life balance, low cost of living and high rates of health coverage earned it third place on Nerdwallet.com’s recent quality of life rankings.

One of America’s Top 10 Places to Live.

The Greater MSP region consistently reports lower cost-of-living measures than other U.S. cities — that includes the average price people pay for food, clothing, shelter, fuel, transportation, medical care and day-to-day living.


Bright futures start here.

In 2016, Forbes ranked Greater MSP among the top 10 best cities for new college graduates, reflecting the area's attractive employment opportunities, average income, education, rent and age. Those same factors propelled two Greater MSP suburbs onto Money Magazine's 2016 short list of "Best Places to Live."