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Civic Engagement

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Working together for the greater good

Giving back to and getting involved in the local community is a popular pastime in Greater MSP. More than 41% of Minneapolis-Saint Paul residents volunteer their time — the highest percentage of any U.S. city for the last five years. The region is also lauded as the most civically engaged in the nation, based on its exemplary levels of community engagement, voter turnout, and neighborhood interactions.


“The Emerald City of Giving.”

That’s the moniker bestowed on Minneapolis-Saint Paul by the New York Times, due to the critical role philanthropy plays in so many local corporations. But the corporate giving isn't limited to a select few; almost 200 local companies donate 2-5% of their pretax income every year, as members of the Minnesota Keystone Program.

Commitment to the community.

According to the Knight Foundation’s “Soul of the Community” study, Greater MSP residents care more than average about arts and cultural events, openness to different types of people, and aesthetics. It’s a good sign for the local economy, since residents’ attachment correlates directly to retaining workers, attracting new talent and business, and the cities’ overall economic performance.