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More per capita Fortune 500 companies than any other metro region.



Greater MSP has an astonishing 17 Fortune 500 companies in our region, that’s more per capita than any other metro region. These industry leading companies form a foundation that allows your enterprise to thrive through their uniquely involved, collaborative community. Fortune 500 companies include General Mills, United Health Group, Target Corporation, 3M and Medtronic.


Even more impressive is our labor pool of 1.8 million highly qualified workers we have to staff these industry leaders, the highest labor participation rate among the 30 largest metros.  Minnesota offers more than 36 colleges and universities and hundreds of programs for residents looking to attain a degree. In fact, almost 40% of our impressive residents have attained a bachelor’s degree or higher and 93% of them has a high school degree. Its residents like these that help increase and retain headquarters in the Greater MSP region.


Another great advantage to our region is our geographic location that allows for easy accessibility by air, rail, road and water. Minneapolis enjoys the shortest average commute of only 24 minutes, outperforming any other large metropolitan area. It’s no surprise that our short commutes are one of many contributing factors that make Minnesota one of the best places to live.


The Greater MSP region was recently recognized as the “safest city in America”, the “fittest city”, the “happiest city”, the “best city for working Mother’s” and one of the “best places to live.” The list goes on and on. Quality of life is a top concern for workers considering relocating and as you would expect, Greater MSP has something for everyone.


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