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Connext MSP

“By creating a direct connection between diverse candidates and those who are looking to hire that talent, ConnextMSP addresses the inequities that exist in our region as well as the looming talent shortage, all within a single program.”

- R.T. Rybak, CEO & President, Minneapolis Foundation


ConnextMSP directly connects college graduates and alumni of key career readiness programs with employers offering professional employment. The initiative creates opportunities for alumni to network with employers, search for jobs, and learn about career fairs and professional development opportunities hosted within the metro area.


From past participation to future opportunities, ConnextMSP helps employers and alumni turn single experiences into lifelong relationships.





  • A cross-section of public, private and nonprofit leaders formed the College and Career Readiness Taskforce to identify solutions to assist in closing the gap between college and career readiness organizations and employment before, during, and after post-secondary education.
  • The taskforce was motivated by conversations with employers who wanted to maintain relationships with high school students pursuing college and career readiness programs – with the goal of eventually hiring these students.
  • Informed by these conversations, ConnextMSP was formed to connect alumni with potential employers, while developing a diverse talent network for the metro area.

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