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So many reasons to say yes

Through our financing and incentive programs, GREATER MSP staff works with businesses considering a location or expansion in the region, drawing on a range of private and public financing options. GREATER MSP has the relationships and expertise to connect businesses with venture capital resources, private sources of capital and financing, and federal, state and local government financing and incentive programs.


A wealth of options

Both the state of Minnesota and local governments throughout the Greater MSP region offer compelling incentives across several industries.

Minnesota Business Financing & Loan Programs

The Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (Minnesota DEED) offers numerous financing programs designed to help Greater MSP companies retain jobs or create new jobs:

Support for Manufacturers

Minnesota’s Growth Acceleration Program provides matching grants of up to $50,000.

Infrastructure Revolving Loan Funds

The Minnesota Public Facilities Authority administers several revolving loan funds to support the needs of new and expanding businesses, including the Transportation Revolving Loan Fund. Several programs exist to support water-related infrastructure, including:

Tax Incentives in Greater MSP

A wide variety of tax incentives and financial assistance, in addition to tax abatement, are available to help companies start up, expand, and relocate in the Greater MSP region. Incentives offered by the State of Minnesota generally are tied to wage and job creation goals. Incentives available through local governments are designed to enhance their communities and produce jobs.

Value Added Grant Program

The Value Added Grant Program, administered by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture (MDA), can help a business entity take the next step in their safety or business plan. The grant application is completed and submitted through MDA's online system at www.mda.state.mn.us/grants/grants/valueaddedgrant.aspx

Economic Gardening Grant

Are you a company with $1 Million in revenue looking for customized information and guidance to help your company grow? Apply for an Economic Gardening Grant and open up the possibilities.