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Food & Water

The Greater MSP region feeds the world.

The Greater MSP region was founded on agricultural innovation and is a global leader for water technology. From farming to food distribution, from water reuse to conservation, both agribusiness and hydro-business thrive here.

Learn more by downloading our Water Solutions brochure, or contact our research department for help with any information needs you have.


Sowing the seeds of agriculture and food processing.  

Agricultural exports from Greater MSP — including soybeans, corn and feeding grains — reached a near record-high of $8 billion in recent years, making Minnesota the third largest agricultural exporter in the U.S. Spanning seed technology, food manufacturing and packaging companies, the region dominates the food production cycle from growing to distribution.


And speaking of growth, our educational institutions are nurturing a whole new generation of skilled professionals. The University of Minnesota and Minnesota State University offer programs from vocational to graduate — and our educational research facilities, including the Hormel Institute, are world-renowned.


Let’s run a few more numbers:

  • From 2000 to 2013, Minnesota’s agricultural exports grew by more than 250% — compared to national growth of 180%.
  • Exports account for one-third of Minnesota’s total agricultural sales.
  • More than 67,000 Minnesota jobs are related to agricultural exports.

Lakes, rivers and water solutions abound.

With its abundance of water resources, it’s no surprise that Greater MSP has emerged as the global leader for water technology. Our large community of innovators and closely networked companies cover the water technology industry. The region is home to industry leaders in hydrofracking, desalination, water security, filtration and more.


A few numbers of note:

  • Investment in water technology has increased 40% in recent years.
  • Water-tech job growth is projected at 9% over the next decade.
  • Greater MSP ranked 9th in the nation for water-technology related exports, including to Canada, China and South Korea.



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