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Video: How Delta Airlines is Returning Growth to MSP

Posted by Maggie Sonnek on Thursday, September 24, 2020

As COVID-19 cases surged this spring, air traffic plummeted. Two-thirds of the aircraft at MSP Airport were grounded. But as hundreds of new processes and procedures are implemented, more flights are being restored and passenger numbers are on the rise. This week, Peter speaks with Jeff Davidman, Vice President of State and Local Government Affairs at Delta Airlines. Jeff explains how those procedures have led to a major milestone — Delta restarting flights between MSP and Amsterdam, our region's first transoceanic flight since March. Even though it may take months or even years to see air travel fully restored, Jeff and Peter discuss how, by working together, we can emerge stronger than ever.



To learn more about Delta Care Standard that Jeff mentions, watch a 5-minute video here.