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5 Things to Know About the Federal EDA CARES Act Funding Opportunity

Posted by Zach Jenson on Thursday, June 25, 2020

What should I know before applying?

  1. Listen to the information sessions: 

    The best place to start is to listen to recordings of the two information sessions that have been hosted so far by GREATER MSP. These sessions provide practical information, including an overview of the CARES Act funding opportunity, tips for working with EDA, and examples of eligible projects.

    You can access the recording from the first Information Session (June 15th) here, and the recording from the second Information Session (June 25th) here.

  2. Review the Regional Economic Framework

    Another important step in your application is to review the Regional Economic Framework (Framework), a strategy document that is required by EDA with all funding applications. For applications to be considered, projects must be consistent with and relevant to the strategic direction of the Framework. The Metropolitan Council, in partnership with the GREATER MSP Partnership and the Center for Economic Inclusion, is developing the Framework and will formally adopt it. The Framework will be accessible for public review and comment on July 9th at the Metropolitan Council website here or by requesting a copy from GREATER MSP. It is scheduled to be adopted by the Metropolitan Council on August 12th.

    Note: The Framework must be attached to project applications when submitted to EDA, and can be attached before formal adoption takes place. EDA will not approve funding until the document is adopted. If you have any questions about this please reach out.

  3. Read the Notice of Funding Opportunity from the EDA

    Read the Notice of Funding Opportunity from EDA, located here. This will help you understand the program requirements, including a program description, eligibility and cost-sharing, application review, and instructions for submission.

  4. Connect with others in the region

    If your entity is interested in applying for funding join us and other regional partners for a virtual planning session on Wednesday July 15th from 11AM-12PM, hosted by GREATER MSP, CEI, and Met Council. Contact Amanda Taylor at GREATER MSP for more information.

  5. Contact EDA to start the process

    If you have a project and ready to apply, it is recommended that you first contact our region's EDA representative to get initial feedback before formally applying. You can find contact Information for our regional representative, Darrin Fleener, here.