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Greater MSP Feeds The World! The World's Leading Food and Nutrition Hub!

Posted by GREATER MSP on Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Greater MSP region truly stands alone in being a leading commodity producer and corporate hub for some of the largest health and nutrition companies in the world.  


It's home to six of the world’s top food & agriculture companies, including industry leaders Cargill, General Mills, CHS, Hormel, Land O’Lakes and Mosaic.


It is also home to the headquarters for some of the leading food retailers and distributors in the US: Target, SuperValu, C.H. Robinson.


The region enjoys a hearty agriculture, commodities and food production ecosystem. From seed technology and development, to food manufacturers and packaging companies, Greater MSP manages the entire food production cycle. The thought leadership in this region regarding getting food to market is unparalleled anywhere in the world!


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