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Knight Grants Will Help Region Attract, Retain Talented Workers

Posted by GREATER MSP on Thursday, April 9, 2015

4Play, a once-each-season regional day of recreation, has won a $117,000 Knight Cities Challenge grant.


4Play was proposed by The Minneapolis Saint Paul Regional Economic Development Partnership (GREATER MSP) to change the way people perceive our region’s climate by inviting all residents to come together for outdoor activities -- whether it is ice fishing or summer canoeing --  once, each season. 4Play is aimed at integrating newcomers into our region by helping them experience the range of great outdoor opportunities in our region.


“We are honored to be one of Saint Paul's winning Knight Cities Challenge projects and we are excited to invite the region to celebrate our world-class outdoor experiences together,” said Peter Frosch, GREATER MSP’s Vice President of Strategic Partnerships.


The Knight Cities Challenge is funding ideas that will make the 26 cities where Knight invests more vibrant places to live and work. Saint Paul is one of those cities. The challenge asks innovators to answer the question: What's your best idea to make cities more successful? More at knightcities.org.


Three other projects aimed at boosting social inclusion and the quality of life in our region also were honored as Knight Cities Challenge winners. They are:


  • Rolling out the Warm Welcome Hat: Saint Paul city leaders welcome newcomers with a warm winter hat and celebration. Submitted by Jun-Li Wang, a Saint Paul resident and community organizer, with Pollen, Curious Incident, Hamline Midway Coalition and the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce.


  • MN Nice Breakers: Making the city more welcoming by creating a series of events to introduce newcomers to the city so they can quickly establish social networks. Submitted by Jun-Li Wang with Pollen, Curious Incident, Hamline Midway Coalition and the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce.

    • 8-80 Vitality Fellow: Funding of a fellow for 18 months to integrate the Mayor’s 8 to 80 Vitality initiative into every aspect of city business and policy. The initiative aims to increase activity and vitality on city streets and in public spaces by making them accessible to people of all ages and abilities. Submitted by Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman.