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Greater MSP: Leader on Income, Affordability

Posted by GREATER MSP on Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Want a great quality of life at a great price? Then, Greater MSP is the place.


According to Moody’s, the Greater Minneapolis Saint Paul region is in the top three nationally for high earnings and low costs.


The Greater MSP region historically lags other U.S. cities in cost-of-living measures such as the average price that people pay for food, clothing, shelter, fuel, transportation, medical care and day-to-day living.


Forbes, Money magazine, RelocateAmerica and Portfolio.com are among those taking notice.


Greater MSP is a national magnet for young professionals. Forbes says its relatively low unemployment rate, high number of Fortune 500 companies and reasonable cost of living make it an attractive destination for newly minted grads.


Reasonable housing costs and attractive neighborhoods propelled five Greater MSP suburbs onto Money magazine’s short list of "Best Places to Live."


Minneapolis has been one of America’s “Top 10 Places to Live,” says RelocateAmerica. It describes Minneapolis as “a vibrant, progressive city with a well-educated populous, affordable housing, excellent schools, diverse neighborhoods, solid green initiatives, the nation’s best park and recreational system, and an outstanding quality of life.”


The Minneapolis-Saint Paul metro area ranks third in the U.S. for quality of life, according to a Portfolio.com study. It compared 20 factors that make a city a great place to live and work. “The highest scores went to the well-rounded markets with healthy economies, moderate costs of living, light traffic, impressive housing stocks and high-powered educational systems,” the study says.