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Healthy Living

Healthy, happy and relaxed residents.

The Greater MSP region leads the country in health and fitness, according to the American College of Sports Medicine. Men's Health concurs, recognizing Minneapolis and Saint Paul among the nation's most active cities.


America's Healthiest City

When not biking, sailing, golfing or skiing, Twin Cities residents have perfected the art of relaxing. In fact, Minneapolis-Saint Paul is rated the least stressful of any major American metropolis, says Forbes. That’s because commutes are relatively short, unemployment is low, people exercise more than in other major cities, and residents have better access to health care.


According to the American Fitness Index, Greater MSP leads the country in health and fitness. The index measures health indicators and fitness markers – including access to parks, walking paths and farmers’ markets. Greater MSP earned the top ranking two years in a row. (American College of Sports Medicine, 2011)

Minneapolis is the fittest large city in the country, according to Map My Fitness. The Austin-based operator of fitness-oriented web sites took member data to develop its “Fittest of the Fit” index, which was based on factors including the number of times members work out and the distance traveled during workouts. RealAge ranked Greater MSP a top five place for staying young.

Forbes ranked Greater MSP as one of its Top 10 Cities for Runners, noting the more than 50 miles of trails and slew of running groups that keep residents going all year long.


Most Relaxed Metro

Minneapolis also ranks as the the best place for chillin’ in the country, says Forbes. The Twin Cities ranks No. 1 among the 40 biggest metros when it comes to being relaxed. Forbes based its finding on a variety of stress factors, including length of commutes, frequency of exercise, access to health care, and overall health. Forbes called the path around the Chain of Lakes “about as gorgeous as it gets.”(Forbes, 2010)


Top-notch Healthcare

As a state, Minnesota ranks sixth in United Health Foundation’s annual listing of the healthiest states. It places especially low in occupational fatalities, premature deaths and sick days – all of which are good news for employers. Its hospitals routinely score among the best and safest in the nation.


The state has the nation’s best health care system, according to a 2012 report by the federal Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.